Funeral Scene Details


Location: Union Cemetery, 227 E 28th Terrace, Kansas City MO 64108 Click for map and directions

Date: 31 March 2019 at 8:30 AM, rain or shine.

Attire: Please wear what is appropriate for a funeral and for the weather conditions. If raining, black or dark colored umbrellas are completely acceptable. No bright or multicolored umbrellas please.

Named characters and extras arrive at 8:30 AM, checking in with Amber Dawn, the Production Manager and UPM, to fill out releases. She will be located by the #3 on the map.

At 8:45 AM, the director and assistant director will brief cast, crew, named characters and extras.

At 9 AM, scheduled to begin filming.

At 10 AM, tentative schedule for a wrap of the scene.

(Schedule subject to change based on weather.)



Parking: Please park in the area marked in green. Please DO NOT park in the area marked red, you WILL be asked to move.


Credit: All participating will receive IMDB credit.

The funeral scene, Scene 2, synopsis: Grams, aka Dianne Brooks, was loved by everyone. She was killed by a drunk driver on her way home after a dispute with her Granddaughter, Kaylee.

Special thanks to Union Cemetery Historical Society and Kansas City Parks and Recreation for the use of the grounds.


This is not a casting call. This is a show up on time and at location and you are in.

For further information or details, please contact via Email.

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